Faja Belt Ch'alla

Faja Belt Ch'alla

Textiles form Ch’alla in the province of Tapacari, Cochabamba.


These textiles are well known for their fajas that are decorated with open winged condors, usually paired in two and mirrored.


Because of the location of this region, it is valid to attest that these textiles are a mosaic of techniques and styles that interlude each other with different regions of Cochabamba, and so many characteristics of textiles form Leque can be found in these textiles.


In Andean religious mythology, the Condor was and still is contemplated as one of the most sacred birds that tie together the earth and heaven. He is a symbol of power, the King of the skies that carries the dead to the underworld, and an intermediary with the world of spirits and with Inti, the sun deity. Condors represent the gods of the air to the Incas and are believed to carry prayers and receive answers from the gods. With its open spread wings, it is believed to be able gather clouds and fertilize the land with rainwater.


The faja is worn by women, men and children. They are called chumpi in Quechua and huaka in Aymara.

  • Product Info

    This is a vintage piece - this is a real faja that belonged to someone for likely decades. We take great care in hand selecting the pieces we choose and while for the most part they are in amazing conditions, these have been loved and used for many many years and therefore aren't perfect 'brandnew' items. We feel this adds to the beauty and uniqueness of these pieces, and we hope you do too. 

  • Dimensions

    29-1/2" x  6"  Total length including straps: 73"

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