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Chuspita Tarabuco n3

Chuspita Tarabuco n3

Chuspa from Tarabuco in the department of Chuquisaca, home of the Yampara culture.


The Tarabuco designs are best known for their strong sense of symmetry, use of color and the representation of daily life. The pallay is always divided into two segmented bands with its spacing broken into clear lines. Because of this symmetry and structure of the weavings, figures and motifs stand out.


It is important to note how the weavings are ruled by a sense of natural order; depicting all aspects of the Tarabuco culture, from the natural world of plants and animals, to the Tarabuqueños themselves. The weavings should be understood and read as an expression of real life, complete with figures engaged in everyday activities and fiestas as well as cultural objects.

  • Dimensions

    10-1/2" x  9-1/2"

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