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Faja Belt Jalqa B&R

Faja Belt Jalqa B&R

Faja made by the Jalqa, that are from the region of Potolo in Sucre.


Jalqa weavings are one of the most appreciated textiles in all of the Andean areas. Their mixture of real and surreal beings takes us back to the beginning of times, where the darkness reigned the landscapes.


The colors used are typically dark, having  black and dark red/pink predominate. The weaver weaves out of memory and with no type of template,  making them seen as dreams or visions.


The Jalqa weavings depict the landscape of the ukhupacha, a sacred underworld of darkness and confusion, where winged mammals, bats, oversized birds' wings, animals inside animals and mythical creatures called khurus are ruled by the Supay. The Supay known as being part Andean demon, part god of fertility and abundance. 


The faja is worn by women, men and children.



  • Product Info

    This is a vintage piece - this is a real faja that belonged to someone for likely decades. We take great care in hand selecting the pieces we choose and while for the most part they are in amazing conditions, these have been loved and used for many many years and therefore aren't perfect 'brandnew' items. We feel this adds to the beauty and uniqueness of these pieces, and we hope you do too. 

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