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Livichuco - Cochinilla con Limon

Livichuco - Cochinilla con Limon

Pillow front is made in Livichuco, from the province of Avaroa, in Oruro. The backside is made by the community of Turqui, from the province of Tomas Frias, in Potosi.


Pillow front is sheep's wool with white accents of the pallay (patterned design) in natural alpaca wool. Pillow back is 100% natural llama wool.


The border of the pillow is an awakipa, a tubular weave that adorns and protects the textile edges.

  • Product Info

    This is a new piece - Made from sheep, alpaca and llama wool that is hand spun. Pillowcase front is dyed with plant & insect-based dyes and woven on a pampa away (ground loom). Pillowcase back is woven on a pedal loom. Each pillow is a little different from the other as it is all hand made, and some imperfections may occur.
    We feel this adds to the beauty and uniqueness of these pieces, and we hope you do too.

  • Dimensions

    Dimensions may slightly vary, but approximately: 

    Length: 18”(45cm) Width: 17”(43cm)

  • Pillow Insert

    Pillow sold with Luxury Down feather insert

    White feather 5% down 95% feather

  • Care

    Dry Clean or Hand wash cold with wool or mild detergent, Dry flat.

    *You can add a tablespoon of salt and white vinegar to wash to prevent bleeding of colors. *

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