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Mollo Masks - Pequeño

Mollo Masks - Pequeño

One of a kind Mollo Masks made by our hermanas from the Mollo Culture, from the province of Muñecas , in La Paz.


The embroidery on these masks reflect everyday stories, the love for nature and the importance of family.


They came to life thanks to Alicia Layme, one of the main promoters and artisans from the region that began Iskanwayatex Bolivia S.R.L. We are proud to carry these products and help women run businesses in Bolivia.


Made with bayetilla (synthetic wool ) they are easy to wash, and they also have a tocuyo pocket for extra an additional filter.


Mollo weavers have a rich tradition of embroidered and woven fabrics and are well known for their triangular patterns representing rivers, mountains, and stars, aswell as their detailed embroideries that capture both the sacred and everyday symbols of life. Their skilled work was at such a high level, that they were part of the weavers for the Inca royalty.

    Bayeta: yellow
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