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Platito de Ceramica

Platito de Ceramica

Mini Clay Plates are made for the festival of Alasitas.


Mini Clay Plates are made for the festival of Alasitas, which is month long festival in January, that honours the Ekeko, the Aymara god of abundance. He will fulfill our wishes and aspirations. Everything you could ever want is for miniature form!


Dating back to the pre-Colombian era, the Aymaras celebrated then what was called Chhalasita, a festival where people prayed for good crops and exchanged basic goods. As time progressed, so did the festival, as it evolved to accommodate components of Catholicism and Western acquisitiveness, and the word was changed to Alasita which in Aymara means "buy me".

  • Product Info

    Mini ceramic plates are all handmade and some imperfections may occur.

  • Dimensions

    Approximately 2-1/4" (5cm -6cm) diameter

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