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Poncho Tinkipaya

Poncho Tinkipaya

Poncho from Tinkipaya, located in the municipality of Tinguipay , in Potosí. 

It is said that the vertical vivid color lines that sit on a dark color background  "protect" the person that wears it.

The composition of the lines are placed in such a manner that the darker lines make the lighter lines pop out, making this a unique characteristic of not only the Ponchos of this area but also the Aqsu's and the Llijlla's.

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    This is a vintage piece - this is a real poncho that belonged to someone for likely decades. We take great care in hand selecting the pieces we choose and while for the most part they are in amazing conditions, these have been loved and used for many many years and therefore aren't perfect 'brandnew' items. We feel this adds to the beauty and uniqueness of these pieces, and we hope you do too. 

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