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Triangulos Grandes  Mollo

Triangulos Grandes Mollo

Pillowcase embroidery made by our hermanas from the Mollo Culture, from the province of Munecas, in La Paz.


Mollo weavers have a rich tradition of embroidered and woven fabrics and are well known for their triangular patterns representing rivers, mountains, and stars, aswell as their detailed embroideries that capture both the sacred and everyday symbols of life. Their skilled work was at such a high level, that they were part of the weavers for the Inca royalty.


The border of the pillow is an awakipa, a tubular weave that adorns and protects the textile edges. This design in particular is the chichilla (eye border) Like the "Evil Eye", it is believed it protects the textile, and its owner by reflecting bad energy away, allowing a change of fortune and luck to enter in. 

The Mollo culture existed in Bolivia's altiplano area after the collapse of the Tiwanaku culture during the period of AD 700 to 1500, predating the Inca civilization. While the Mollo showed a continuity with late Tiwanaku culture in both domestic and village architecture, they left no pyramids, however the ruins of Iskanwaya meaning 'two houses' in Quechua, are believed to have been the epicenter of the Mollo culture. It was a citadel of great importance due to its strategic location, and because its inhabitants were able to build agricultural terraces and even developed a hydraulic system. The trapezoidal shape, an esoteric symbol, is repeated in throughout the ruins, and according to some archaeologist, the shape is linked to the "Katachillay" The Southern Cross, a constellation always present in the southern hemisphere, and part of the Andean culture where not only the sun and the moon were worshiped, but also the stars and the planets. If we draw an imaginary line connecting the four stars of this constellation, we will observe a trapezoidal shape, probably the source of inspiration for the Mollo. This shape is also found throughout the Inca empire ruins, thus creating a direct correlation with the Mollo culture.







  • Product Info

    This is a handmade piece - This pillow case was embroidered with 100% alpaca thread and the base of the pillow is made from natural sheep’s wool. Each pillow is a little different from the other, we feel this adds to the beauty and uniqueness of these pieces, and we hope you do too.

  • Dimensions

    Length: 20”(51cm) Width: 20”(51cm)

  • Pillow Insert

    Pillow sold with Luxury Down feather insert

    White feather 5% down 95% feather

  • Care

    Hand wash cold with wool or mild detergent, Dry flat.

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