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Our most recent Bolivian trip

In our most recent tip to Bolivia we traveled to a new place for both of us. Even though Catalina was born and raised in La Paz, she had never been to Sucre - the historical capital of Bolivia.

Sucre is a beautiful Spanish colonial city known for its white buildings, red terracotta roofs, and for being right smack dab in the middle of three distinct weaving styles of textiles.

We were able to do a little day trek where we hiked a little bit of the local Inca trail and got to see some absolutely amazing fossilized dinosaur footprints. But the real highlight for Pancho Rojas was to get to see first hand some beautiful Jalq'a textiles. Known for their striking red/black color combinations, trippy made up animals, and amazing compositions where the less the background space the more talented the weavers are. They do it all in on the fly - no drawing it out first, and assemble it all together like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. Really cool stuff.

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